Tim Smith has over 30 years of experience in Non Profit Administration, Management and Fund Development. Having served as a Development Officer in Non-Profit Organizations and Executive Pastor for two mega churches provides a wide range of expertise and resource in Non Profit leadership and management. Currently Tim serves as Chief Development Officer of Museum of the Bible.

Tim has served a variety of roles in executive non-profit leadership for mega size organizations.

Tim has served as President for Timothy Smith & Associates, a development agency committed to helping non-profits build their capacity through fundraising.

Most recently Tim has served as the Chief Development Officer at Food for the Hungry. In this role he provided the executive global management of all fundraising and marketing activities.

He is married to Olivia and they have 6 adult children. Tim has authored a book on the art of personal relationship with major donors; Donors Are People Too.

His new book; $One Thousand to $One Billion is due out in 2017.

As someone who has grown up in a blended family and now as a step-mom myself Blended Not Broken is extremely important now more than ever. According to smartstepfamilies.com 100 million Americans have a step-relationship.

Knowing the statistics on blended families and being part of one both as a step-child and a step-mom I feel a huge weight of responsibility to share my real-life experience good and bad, to encourage blended families that there is hope and redemption and to empower blended families with steps they can take to truly see their family dynamic as one that is Blended Not Broken.

Tackling topics such as: the importance of respecting your step-children’s other parent, understanding the incredible influence you can have on your step-children’s lives or navigating parenting when step-parenting is your first introduction to life as a parent Blended Not Broken is a look at the blended family from a very real perspective. Blended families are everywhere yet what is missing is the perspective of people who have been there and who see hope on the other side.

I am an example of a life influenced greatly by a step-mom. There are countless things she poured into my life that have helped to make me who I am today and that have influenced the way that I am as a step-mom myself. We understand the hope that so many people navigating through the blended family are looking for and believe that it is possible to find and that each of these families wrestling through these challenges can be Blended Not Broken.

Blended Not Broken picks up where Re-Marriage leaves off. How to blend all of these diverse personalities, how do we lead a family with other outside influences and modeling different from your own?

This is not a program that speaks from the perspective of Psychology or even Theology. It is the perspective of the Blended Family from inside the Family System. This is a family that made it. Not without a few challenges along the way.

We never looked at our family as a “broken family.” But rather a Blended family. One with unique diversity of gifts, talents, personalities and characters. Blended Not Broken will give families hope in one of the most challenging family dynamics today.

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